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Thursday, September 28, 2006

who says I don't respond to anonymous comment intimidation?

So yeah, i was in LA. Then I left. Then I went to Portland. Then I left. Then I went to the Bay Area. Then I left. Then I came back to Portland. And I'm still here.

See, it's just like you're with me!

(More details may appear the next time I have a spare chunk of time, but they certainly won't maintain the previously-established level of verbosity.)


Okay, a few small details:

- spent part of my birthday at an arcade with various local well-wishers (including Scout, Jarrett, Beeman, Todd, Gerry, Aaron, David, Casey, Erik, and Casey - no, that's not a typo). Also celebrating something at same arcade - the members of Sleater-Kinney, Sam Coomes of Quasi, Stephen Malkmus, Jena Malone, and their friends. Scout's "Plush Monkey" cake looked way better than their cup cakes.
- I managed to spend my whole time in the Bay Area without going into a single record store, despite spending time with Dave, Conor, and Andy. This is some kind of record. I don't think I've been in a Portland record store, either. (I did go to Hollywood Video and buy some used DVDs, though.)
- the weekend in the Bay Area included Mancation II (my previous year's Bay Area expedition has been retrospectively titled Mancation I), which was a trip to Monterrey Beach. Dave's parents have a beach house there, and it's awesome. We also had a quadathlon of basketball, tennis, bocce, and shuffleboard. I think I lost at all of them. The closest town was Castroville, which is renowned for its artichokes. I wanted to get a fried artichoke, but everyone else wanted to go to the taqueria, so we went there and I was going to get the fried artichoke on the way out of town. Only it turned out to be pretty much the best taqueria ever, so I had an amazing burrito and incredible fresh guacamole and had absolutely no room for fried artichoke.
- I have had way too many plates of meat. I was supposed to go to get the "best burger in Portland" today, but after having had half a "Kobe burger" the previous day and a "Bison Bacon Blue cheese burger" not too long ago, my stomach was quaking in nervous anticipation.
- I had a plan of writing one hour every day while I was gone. How's it going? Don't ask.


Anonymous jj said...

drat. you were in portland and i didn't get to see you. :(

16/11/06 5:26 PM  
Blogger dd said...

ach! i must have forgotten to spam you that i was coming ...

um, next time? and while you're here, how are you enjoying Portland, anyway?

16/11/06 11:39 PM  

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