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Friday, August 25, 2006

the last day

of NZ IDOL is today, for me at least. Now that the show's live, having two editors is silly, and so I'm rolling off.

I'm debating the wisdom of using this unexpected break to take a trip of some kind. On one level, this is a bad idea, as I don't have my next job locked down and don't have particularly large savings (although greatly reduced credit card debt, so that's something!). On the other hand, I've never particularly regretted taking a trip, even when the outcome has been financially stressful, if I have anything remotely resembling the means to pull it off.

My original plan, when I was slotted on NZ IDOL til the end of October, was to spend early November in the Great Barrier Reef, as it's been way too long since I've been snorkeling, way too never since I've been to Australia, and the sea life ain't going to get any better (cheers, global warming!). But it seems a little chilly to go right now, and plus if I went to the States I could go back to Portland, sell a lot of crap, and at least partially finance my stay, and make a couple side trips. Plus I could finally see Mission of Burma, celebrate my 33rd birthday up there, etc.

Need to think this through. Ideally someone will offer me an amazing job starting October 15th, and then I can fully justify pissing off for a month.


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