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Monday, November 27, 2006

on a lighter note

or something:

I came to New Zealand a little less than three years ago. At the time, I owned 0 (zero) keys.

I now have fourteen* in my room. I'm not even really sure what six of them are for, other than that one of them looks like a car key and I suspect it was given to me for safekeeping as a backup key for a car that's no longer a going concern. Another one's for a car I sold, and another one is for a desk I sold. Three others are for production companies I'm not working for anymore, and the other three live on my key chain.

So: fourteen keys. And none of them lock the drawer on my new desk. (I assume. I haven't tried.)

Also: I switched to writing on Sundays for the Nonalignment Pact. Just so you know.

*Addendum: Make that fifteen!** Found one attached to a lock.

**Addendum 2: Found two more. Seventeen keys. What the hell? They're clearly more frisky than I am.


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