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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

mood indigo

is the song playing now. Not significant of anything else, in a pretty good mood. About to sack out but a quick update of various things.

The Nonalignment Pact is now online. What this is is me and a bunch of other Houstonians/ex-Houstonians writing about music. Seven of us, to be precise, and each of us get our own day to post. (Mine is Mondays.)

I'm still full bore busy. In addition to helping NZ IDOL hit the finish line and this new program I'm working on for Jam TV, I'm cutting a couple items for my friends in Galadina, who are debuting their live comedy stylings in mid-November in LA. Which means that this will be the first LA screening of anything I've done! Pity about the clock wipe.

The parking situation at my work is bad, so I've taken to taking the bus in (about a half hour) and reading on it and walking back (about an hour), powered by headphones and iPod. I'm pretty happy doing this, although it helps the weather has been great. Hopefully I can keep it up for the remaining 4 weeks or so of the job, maybe I can work off some of the beer and Mexican food from the States.

I managed to squeeze in a trip to the NZ IDOL wrap party on Monday night. (In case anyone is wondering, Matt won.) I showed up three hours late, thinking it might be dead, but it was anything but; conversely, this meant that everybody was much drunker than I was. Fortunately (?), I caught up. I always question if things like this are good for networking or not; on the one side, you see a lot of people, but on the other side, they're drunk and probably don't remember. Plus as an editor, there's lots of people involved (camera people, makeup people, the Idols themselves) that I never really met before, and it's kind of strange introducing yourself at a wrap party. Ah well, had some free drinks and a few laughs and managed to say goodbye to people that I'll probably not see until eighteen months from now when we randomly wind up on the same production again. Such is our industry.

This weekend, I am attending the Movie Marathon. 24 hours of the craziest cinema ever committed to celluloid, and this time no crap new releases to get in the way. While I long for an empty weekend where I can just sleep and relax, this should be a hell of a lot of fun.

In lieu of sleeping this weekend, then, I will go to bed now. Nighty-night.


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