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Thursday, October 26, 2006

i had an idea for this post when i started logging in to blogger.

let's see if I can remember it.

ah, right: movies.

So I have to stop not being home in October, because I miss out on one of my favorite holiday traditions: Halloween movie nights.

I used to never be into scary movies (mostly tracking back to being traumatized by POLTERGEIST and EVILSPEAK on cable when I was a kid), but back around the turn of the century (he says, taking a sip from his lime rickey and rubbing his bunion cream in) I did some time moderating at Mobius' Home Video Forum, and the intense horror focus of many of its participants meant that I kept reading about it, and finally started checking some films out.

And, holy crap: despite the reputation, there are some really fantastic horror movies out there. And films like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE SHINING quickly became part of yearly tradition in my life, trying to drag as many people over as I could to watch them. THE KINGDOM, THE DEAD ZONE, SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE ... and I suspect others, but the Alzheimer's is settling in.

But since moving to NZ, it just hasn't happened. Two years ago, I wasn't here for Halloween, and last year, I wound up letting the Movie Marathon do the dirty work for me. (Which I'm going to again this year, but it doesn't happen til after Halloween this time.)

And then travelling this year, my organization became crap, so no movie nights have been planned, and many things have popped up.

But I do plan on sneaking in a showing of MONSTER HOUSE on Saturday, as well as, hopefully, a Devil's Night double-header of LISA AND THE DEVIL and ROSEMARY'S BABY, assuming my work and external projects are going well. But next year: horror horror horror horror. And also a little horror.

This post has gone absolutely nowhere, and I'm going to sleep now. I apologize.

on a related note: anyone have any Halloween costume suggestions? Must be easy. I'm thinking of stocking up on fatigues at an army surplus store, buying a cigar, and becoming Fidel Castro. But my beard isn't sufficiently impressive.


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