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Friday, November 17, 2006

addendum to the lentil situation

I went to bed at 1 AM, and they weren't done, so I left them stewing in their own juices with the burner off overnight.

I got up, and the lentils weren't done, so I turned the burner on high and promptly forgot about it til I smelled something nasty 45 minutes later. (My sense of smell is probably my least developed sense. At least I have glasses for my eyes.)

I have spent, off and on, 30 minutes so far cleaning out the bottom of the pot, and it's still not clean.

Also, they're still not done. Unless brown lentils are supposed to resemble sunflower seeds in texture, in which case this has been a futile endeavor.

Next time, I am not using brown lentils.


Blogger Scoutie said...

At the culinary school, we cleaned out those messes by filling the pot with soap and water and simmering the water for a long time.

Also, if that doesn't work, you can use a whole lot of salt as an abrasive.

19/11/06 11:24 AM  
Blogger dd said...

it's mostly clean now, there's a little bit of darkness left on the bottom. I boiled it for two hours today, but it didn't seem to get much else off. I tried some salt, albeit not a "whole lot". Perhaps next time.

19/11/06 4:23 PM  

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