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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

am i the last one ...

... to hear about 30 second recreations of classic films with animated bunnies?


Quick media roundup: Saw Ratatat last night, who were quite good, but couldn't really overcome my bias towards hearing the songs faster and looser live on account of they play to a rhythm backing track. Opening act was Shaky Hands, a local four piece channeling the best of Interpol, At The Drive-In, The Cure, and The Rapture. Definitely recommended; they play again December 8th, with one of my other favorite discoveries of the year, Wellington's So So Modern. Prior to that, watched OUT OF THE BLUE, the adaptation of the true murder of 13 people in Aramoana (a small town in the South Island) in 1990. Don't know if this will get theatrical distribution in the States, what with lack of name actors and general Kiwi-ness, but it's a really powerful film. Recently read: AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES, by John Green, who is a friend of a friend who I've never met, but his book was recommended warmly and I do the same. The story's about an eighteen-year-old who's been dumped nineteen times, all by girls named Katherine, and disconsolately turns to trying to deduce a mathematical theorem that can chart the course of all his relationships. It's written for young adults, and there's a certain tidiness to it as a result, but man do I wish this book had been around when I was fourteen or so; it probably would have been my favorite book.


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