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Sunday, February 10, 2008

so behind I might as well be ahead.

So last time I wrote here I was in LA just having watched THERE WILL BE BLOOD. It's a month later now, and since then I've been to Oakland, back to Auckland, down to Wellington, over to Golden Bay, back to Auckland, down to Waitomo Caves, back to Auckland, up to the Bay of Islands and the Hokianga, back to Auckland, and then back to work.

Which is part of the reason I spent most of this weekend sitting around doing as little as possible, though not all of it.

Below is a picture of my entry into the very exciting Waitomo Caves on the Lost World Epic, a 7-hour quest.

Waitomo abseil

Once in, me, my friend Erik, a 25-year old British yachtie named Paul, and two guides scampered, swam, climbed up, jumped down, and generally made our way through the cave. It was awesome, and I pushed myself farther than I thought I could, particularly when I jumped 10 meters into a cave pool - this being after learning that if I jumped too far I'd smack myself against the far edge of the cave.

Anyway, near the end, my foolhardy self decided to put myself through a tighter squeeze than I probably should have, and ended up cracking a rib in order to get out. (I spent a week not knowing for sure what the problem was, then finally went to the doctor after about the 43rd person who confidently diagnosed it as one of a bajillion things. Doctor says it's broken, nothing I can do but wait for it to heal.)

So that was kind of dumb, but it was still an amazing experience.

There's probably other stories to tell from the last month, like about my month-long alcohol fast, but I'm sleepy, for some reason. Off to finish a trailer tomorrow morning, go to three shows this week (Explosions in the Sky, Interpol, and Dead C.) and then next week start a longer gig. Plus THERE WILL BE BLOOD opens in NZ on Thursday, and I'm all excited to see it again.

(A weird footnote: this is the first year in memory where a) I've seen all five of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture before the ceremony and b) I really like them all. ATONEMENT is probably my least favorite, but it's still got a lot going for it.)


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