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Saturday, October 13, 2007

travel itinerary

Dec 11 - dep Auckland 7:30 PM, travel backwards in time, arr. SFO 10:45 AM
also Dec 11 - leave SFO to Portland, dep. 5:17 PM, arr. 7:04 PM
Dec 19 - dep. Portland 10:50 AM, arr. Denver 2:12 PM
Dec 20 - dep. Denver 3:15 pm, arr. Detroit 8:04 pm
(prob Dec 22-23 - rent car, drive to South Bend/Chicago and back, weather permitting)
Jan 3 - dep. Detroit 4:35 pm, arr. LA 8:34 pm (stop in Salt Lake City)
(TBD, prob. Jan 10) - fly to Bay Area
Jan 14 - dep. SFO 7:00 PM, arr. Auckland Jan 16 at 5:10 AM

Boy do I hope I fall asleep on that return flight.

Things have been crazy busy and will probably continue to be so for the next two months, but hi! And I hope you all are well.


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