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Friday, July 06, 2007

do you like funny things?

Of course you do! Who doesn't?

I casually know one of the folks over at Mukpuddy Animation, and their film won the Auckland leg of the 48Hours competition. (I missed the competition for the first time since I moved to New Zealand, because I was busy editing a TV show on a nearby island.)

Anyway, the TV finals were on Sunday, and while they got my vote (not because of the friendship, but because I enjoyed them the most), they didn't win. (To be fair, the winner was my second choice, and is also well worth watching, and can be viewed at the official site.)

For the broadcast, each team had to provide a little introduction to their film. They had my vote pretty much sealed away with their excellent introduction:

and here is their 48 Hours entry:

Well played, Mukpuddy!

In less amusing news, I encourage all of you to sign MoveOn's petitionto Congress to force Vice-President Cheney to conform to the law or else begin impeachment proceedings.

It's wet here. Boo. I got a tax refund. Yay!

There are new pictures up at my Flickr page. Just a tease:

graffiti, Cinque Terre

That is all.


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