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Monday, June 04, 2007

I survived Primavera!

I´m now done with all four days of the three-day festival. (No, that´s not a typo.) Discovery of the festival and possibly my favorite show of all three days - Pelican. Instrumental indie metal, 7+ minute epic songs that ruled from note one to the last note. The Fall was also almost everything I hoped for, majestic, etc. Longer excursis of course can be found at the Nonalignment Pact. Although I forgot to mention there that Ted Leo was also pretty excellent, Todd, and the crowd went wild for the song you quoted from. As well as all the rest of them.

Today I am off for some Gaudi buildings, hopefully. We are travelling in a group of five and the herding cats metaphor is incredibly apt. Plus adjusting to a normal day after staying up til 6 AM on the nights of the festival. But hey, these are nice problems to have.


Anonymous tODD said...

I really hope you got/get to see Sagrada Familia. As I understand it, it will always be under construction in our lifetime, but it was impressive when I saw it seven years ago. I like all of Gaudi's stuff to some degree, but only Sagrada Familia really stunned me. I'm a sucker for big scale.

And even though I doubtless know far less music (and therefore lyrics) than you, Doug, I can still pull off a musical reference to Sagrada Familia: in Komeda's "Ad Fontes". I've never been one to listen to lyrics -- especially when they're in Swedish, and thus slightly more incomprehensible than the average indie pop song -- but "Ad Fontes" lyrics always catch my ear. "Did she just say 'Albert Einstein, Sagrada Familia, Peter Frampton'?! What is this song about?!" Sadly, reading the English translation at that link gives me no better idea.

5/6/07 11:28 AM  

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