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Saturday, June 02, 2007

hola from Barcelona

As evidenced by the fact I don´t know the Spanish (or Catalan) for ¨from¨, my language skills here are negligible. I was informed everyone spoke English; I was wrong. Which is mostly fine, gesturing and small words get you a long way.

Today is day 2 of the Primavera Sound festival, which I´ll be leaving for shortly. Yesterday´s highlight was my perennial favorite, The Dirty Three, who were just like I remembered except lead violinist Warren Ellis has a big beard. A REALLY big beard. Other than that, same brilliant musicianship, same glowingly rambling introductions to songs, same re-interpretations that make stuff that´s ok on record head-explodingly majestic live. Also saw Slint play ¨Good Morning, Captain¨. Goosebumps ensued.

Tonight I will see The Fall. There are other bands I am excited about (Beirut, Blonde Redhead, Modest Mouse) but they are the most, but also have the most potential for debacle. We shall see what the future holds.


Anonymous tODD said...

Since I know you will be compulsively reading the comments to this blog in order to quickly learn the language(s), I will happily teach you everything you need to know.

"Hello from Barcelona" would be "Hola de Barcelona" in Spanish. However, when speaking to someone while in Barcelona, it is sufficient to say "Hola", since the "de Barcelona" part is understood.

Conveniently, "Hola" also is Catalan for "hello".

Eat a bocadillo for me. And maybe some bread with tomato and olive oil. Great, now I'm hungry.

As always, remember the immortal words of Ted Leo: "Yanqui, you better watch what you're saying, unless you're sayin' it in Basque or in Catalan!"

2/6/07 6:24 AM  
Blogger dd said...

If by ¨bocadillo¨ you mean sandwich, and I think you do, I´ve had tons. Like, three the first day I was here. What I need to investigate is more tapas.

4/6/07 10:19 PM  

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