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Sunday, February 18, 2007

what's happening in a week

I think I've mentioned this before, but people keep asking me, and plus also too it's probably buried under lots of other stuff. So.

On Sunday I will be on a ferry for Great Barrier Island. I will be working there for three months as an editor on a production for British television called Castaway. You can read about the first season, back in 2000, here. (And the current version here, in a much more cynical write-up.)

I'll be there for three months, along with lots of crew, although accomodation is scarce and scattered so we'll be all over the place, not taking over a hotel or anything. I don't know how much is under non-disclosure so I'll be circumspect about any additional details of the production, although truthfully that Wikipedia article knew more than I did.

I will be staying in a 4-bedroom house with three other editors, a half-hour drive from the job site. (They'll be picking us up and dropping us off every day.) There are two shifts: 11am - 9pm, and 9pm to 7am. Supposedly we'll be switching between them. (Not too often, I hope.)

I will have mobile phone coverage at my house "if I go up the hill", and possibly dial-up ("very slow", which I presume means even by dial-up standards) Internet. I'll have the option of coming back to Auckland once every two weekends, if for some reason that sounds like a better option than staying in a house 1km from a great swimming beach and 18km from the nearest "good shop". (Apparently many locals get their groceries freighted over from Auckland once a week.)

Great Barrier has no power grid, so our amenities will be modest - for instance, we can't use "heat-generating devices" like hair dryers (not a worry, since I've clipped it all off again and don't use one even when I don't) and there is no freezer. (I haven't asked but assume there is no TV.) Nonetheless, I'm very looking forward to it. I have an 18-inch pile of books to take with me, my snorkel and fins, and am very looking forward to three months of living in isolation. I've sort of always had this fantasy, and it'll be a great way to give it a test run and see if I take to it like a duck to water or like oil to water.

For what should be incredibly obvious reasons given the above, expect updates here to be even more sporadic than normal. But I'll be thinking about you.

Yes, you.


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