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Friday, January 19, 2007

hello from the bruin

"Bruin" being a term that toddstadlerwillconsumeallblogs! coined to denote a blog fallen into disrepair, which this place feels like.

Anyway, I've been busy editing a reality television show, which was unfortunately shot and originally edited like a documentary. The truth is, the reality of editing reality shows is that it is very focused on drama. Basically it's taking the minute problems and escalating it into opera. And this is very difficult in a country whose people, left to their own devices, pretty much end every sentence with some variant of "but it's all good."

I find myself probing my ethics when editing reality television a bit, because obviously there is some distortion of the truth, as in the extent to which a problem is really a problem, et cetera. I suppose my gut response is that, in this point in history, if people sign up for a reality show expecting documentary-like verisimilitude, they're woefully mistaken. (Whether they should expect documentary-like verisimilitude from a documentary is another question. To which the answer is "no". But that's a separate discussion.)

I had a point but I forgot what it was and now I'm sleepy. I guess it's this: sign up for the Nonalignment Pact podcast. It's got the good musics on it.


Anonymous Todd said...

For what it's worth, Todd Stadler Will Consume All Blogs!'s blog, Why do I need an account to post a comment? didn't coin the term "bruin", Cockahoop did. That said, Why do I need an account to post a comment? does a better job of exemplifying the term.

As to your quandary, I agree with the conclusion you seem to have arrived at. Other than the term "reality television", is there anything in such shows that actually says -- implicitly or explicitly -- that you are getting, well, reality? For that matter, do the shows even identify themselves as reality shows? I'm not trying to justify any ethical lapses, but at the same time, I can't imagine that anyone would find your behavior disturbing, least of all the intended audience.

Myself, I'd certainly enjoy watching (once) a show in which every sentence ended with "but it's all good." Just for the change of pace.

19/1/07 5:21 PM  

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