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Monday, December 04, 2006

my talented friends.

At the risk of sounding all "aw, shucks" and shit, I feel lucky to know a lot of talented and creative people who do interesting things.

My friend Randy is one of the co-authors of the Mental Floss book Scatterbrained, an engrossing compendium of trivia linked together by the thinnest of threads. Great stocking stuffer, should you, y'know, have a stocking. Also, if you are in LA, there are several upcoming showings of his short film Spaceboy. Also, his latest short film, "Portable Living Room", is online here or at the endlessly confusing site that Nissan assembled for it, along with a few other of the short films that it sponsored.

Former partner in noise crime Conor has gone the solo road and is engaging in speaker-destructive sonic terrorism under the moniker of Lordosis. Download now and you'll have the collected recorded works of Lordosis, along with a recording of the only live show to date. (Hint: they're the same thing.)

My friend Zane, co-producer of MADDIGAN'S QUEST, is shortly hopping on a boat to document the seemingly inevitable demise of the island of Takuu, likely to be the first casualty of global warming. Read all about it here, and if you can, contributions to the project are welcome and encouraged.

I have many other talented friends who I don't mean to overlook, but I suspect I have neglected to mention these things of late in my blog and so here we are. Perhaps you will find this more interesting than eight paragraphs about a Korean filmmaker who makes films you've never heard of and can't see in the States. Or perhaps not.


Blogger Todd Stadler will consume all blogs! said...

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5/12/06 7:19 AM  
Blogger Todd Stadler will consume all blogs! said...

Randy (Ransom D.?) also appears to have commented on his own book. As did a seemingly familiar Mr. C. A. Higgins. In both cases, Amazon assures me that that is their Real Nameā„¢, and that 3 of 3 people found their reviews helpful.

5/12/06 7:20 AM  

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