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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

5 minute brain dump

yesterday: got up went to cathedral this is cool and free before 1230 but pretty much like most cathedrals line at picasso museum is huge this neighborhood is pretty cool hey that´s the gallery Maeght must be related to the Fondation Maeght cool abstract art thére must be a tapas place nearby oh look right on this street text from conor let´s meet at guell park this is the coolest park ever undulation and mosaic and sheer beauty i love gaudi i love barcelona let´s go to another park now was there something in the middle possibly but i can´t remember oh yeah walked through barri gotic again roman walls aren´t that exciting but hey they´re free this fountain in this other park was also made by gaudi but earlier and then go to beach gehry sculpture eh what´s this cool circular thing in the park drinks on the beach eventually meet our friends and new friends and have dinner and lots of wine arroz negra is in fact paella made with octopus ink and is in fact awesome 1 minute of internet time left so must run more explanation later possibly possibly not


Anonymous tODD said...

Look, if you're going to write posts that make me jealous/wistful/happy-for-you, at least grant me some line breaks! :)

I totally forgot about Parc Guell! Dang, how could I not have recommended that in my last post. You're right -- coolest park ever.

My word verification below is "drktrypu". Remember: you can't spell "drktrypu" without "Dr. KTRU"!

7/6/07 4:11 AM  

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