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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

one less regret

Last year, I went to Barcelona to a music festival. When I called to book the ticket, I realized I could get an open jaw (i.e. leave from a different destination) for no extra $$. I quickly picked Venice, on the grounds that it was the most likely city to not exist in the future.

I've told this story to people who thought I was joking.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it sounds like things are getting better. Also, "This week’s flooding reached the highest levels since 1986 but were still below the record of 76 inches reached in 1966."

Which is to say, Venice is experiencing bad flooding, yes. But I'm not sure it's pointing to a chronic condition, such as sinking or climate change (in spite of what some people are saying).

3/12/08 11:07 AM  
Blogger dd said...

Also, "Venice routinely floods several times a year, but in recent years the phenomenon has worsened."

Which admittedly isn't particularly quantitative, but sounds like it's "pointing to a chronic condition".

(My admittedly oblique point, also, wasn't that Venice is now gone - I suspect the first place you'll hear about that won't be my bruin - but that the idea that it could be gone in my lifetime is seeming less and less like a crazy thing to say.)

4/12/08 11:41 PM  

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