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Thursday, August 02, 2007

o death.

Bergman. Then Michelangelo Antonioni, director of the masterpieces L'ECLISSE, L'AVVENTURA, and THE PASSENGER (as well as possibly others - there's a number of his films I have yet to see.)

And then Jeremy Blake. Although I didn't know his name until today, I knew his work: he did the incredibly striking animation sequences in PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE and the films that played behind Beck during his SEA CHANGE tour (as well as the cover of said album), and apparently has done a lot of other groundbreaking video work I haven't seen, and he committed suicide a week after his girlfriend did the same. Antonioni was 94, Bergman was 89, but Jeremy Blake was only 35. This is a tragedy of a much different order; it's horrible and sickening, actually.

Also dead this week: Houston reporter/personality Marvin Zindler. In his vigilant crusade for consumer rights and against slime in the ice machine, he literally worked up til the very end, filing his weekly report from his hospital bed, 9 days before his death.

Please everyone stop dying for a bit. Thanks.


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