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Thursday, December 04, 2008

what I learned from the Grammy nominations

(listed here)

1. Ministry still exists and released a new record.
2. Paul McCartney doing "I Saw Her Standing There" is, apparently, Grammy-worthy.
3. Unexpectedly, my favorite song on the Radiohead album got nominated for Best Rock Performance, competing against two of my least favorite bands of all time. (Which these are is left as an exercise to the reader.) It also got nominated for Best Rock Song.
4. There are separate categories for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song.
5. There is a place called Gdansk, and David Gilmour apparently played live there.
6. Rush did some peace for Tibet thing and wrote a song about it. What would Ayn Rand say? Would she be grateful it was an instrumental?
7. Death Cab For Cutie may be officially the biggest "I saw them when ..." band. (I saw them at, if I remember right, a zine fair at PSU shortly after their first album came out, and nobody was even paying attention.)
8. I've never heard of anyone who performs "Urban/Alternative" music. I'm not even clear what that would sound like.
9. Not something I learned, but wouldn't it be great if the Grammy broadcast built up to a rousing finale of "Category 43: Best New Age Album"?
10. Rock or Rap contemporary gospel is a distinct category from Pop/contemporary gospel.
11. However, "Metal" is lumped into a single category. No separate categories for "Death", "Black", "Doom", "Stoner", and "Hair".
12. I actually did know that there were an absurd number of Grammy categories; however, this is the first time I've noted the Native American music category.
13. Ernest V. Stoneman is apparently the unsung father of country music, and he only gets a nomination for liner notes. Insult to injury, I say.
14. Apparently the Taft/Bryan debates were released on CD. But where's my wax cylinder?
15. I really should have got around to watching that Radiohead video when it first came out.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

one less regret

Last year, I went to Barcelona to a music festival. When I called to book the ticket, I realized I could get an open jaw (i.e. leave from a different destination) for no extra $$. I quickly picked Venice, on the grounds that it was the most likely city to not exist in the future.

I've told this story to people who thought I was joking.