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Sunday, June 15, 2008

"woman on wharf or ship"

So tonight I was chatting with a friend about the definition of robbery/burglary, which grew into an exploration of homicide/murder/manslaughter, and then spilled over into sexual offenses, and the very delicate question of what constitutes "abnormal sex" and "immoral behaviour" in the eyes of the NZ government.

So I was googling around and found this. Which explains it mostly clearly.

However. If you read closely, you'll see that one of the definitions of immoral behaviour is "woman on wharf or ship".


So, yeah, I googled that phrase, and nothing, except that document in question.

I assume that's a mistake of some kind, but it's a pretty bizarre one. Kiwi ladyfriends, be careful the next time you are on a wharf or ship.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

in case you were wondering ...

no, I'm not dead. But I've been ludicrously busy working on MAKING TRACKS (you can watch the Israel episode which I edited through that link until Thursday or so, I believe, and then had my laptop burgled. Plus did a 48-hour film challenge and made plans to move. And other stuff I can't remember because I am a magpie at the moment.

I did not back up my laptop since, oh, December, so I've lost shitloads of things, and there's things that I have but in an inaccessible form, like all my gmail for the last five months, stuck online. (I use the Apple Mail client.) So, basically, if you've been sitting around waiting for a reply to email, or sent me an email with your new phone/address/whatever: send it again. Bother me. Please.

I am visiting America, but I am going to disappoint lots of people because it looks like I'm only going to be in LA and Detroit/Chicago/South Bend. Or perhaps I flatter myself. Anyway, I will lock down dates shortly and report back.

There is probably much more to update about, but for the moment I am going to try to recreate my iTunes library and watch a flick. Possibly GODZILLA. The old one, not the new one.